EPISODE #14 – FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast: 5 Reasons Why You Should Add More Coconut Oil to your Life!

Hey Chicks, Are you nuts for coconuts?  If not, you should be! Coconut oil not only is super delicious but has incredible health benefits - inside & out. Coconut oil really is a "Super Food".  Not only [...]

EPISODE #13 – FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast: 3 Easy Ways to Change your Health with Veggies!

Hey Chicks, Veggies are one of the keys to long term health, anti aging, anti cancer, weight loss and healthy digestion (just to name a few) but when it comes to meal time, veggies seem [...]

EPISODE #12 – FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast: Top 5 tips to build a beautiful strong booty!

Hey Chicks, Having more junk in the trunk is all the rage these days with the celebs but so is having a strong, toned backside to help you rock your daily activities like walking, running, [...]

EPISODE #11 – FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast: 3 easy ways to mindset shift to create your dream life or body today!

Hey Chicks, Do you suffer from not feeling good enough, negative self talk or feeling like you will never get the life/love/body/health of your dreams?  Everything is possible but it boils down to one thing...MINDSET! This is [...]

EPISODE #10 – Breaking the Diet Cycle with Body Image Coach, Summer Innanen

Hey Chicks, This week on the Podcast, we are hitting a topic that is VERY close to our hearts.... breaking the cycle of body shaming, dieting and learning to love the skin we are in. [...]