EPISODE #18 – FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast: The 5 Must Knows about keeping your “healthy fats” healthy!

Hey Chicks, We all know that we need to be consuming more healthy fats like nuts, seeds, oils and fish oil BUT did you know that if you don't take care of these fats & oils properly, [...]

EPISODE #17 – FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast: Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Crunches & What to do Instead!

Hey Chicks, We have all be told for years that if you want Abs of Steel, DO MORE CRUNCHES! But what if we told you that is a bunch of baloney. And even to take it [...]

EPISODE #15 – FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast: The Top 5 things that may be sabotaging your fitness results & how you can avoid them!

Hey Chicks, Do you feel like you are putting in the work exercising, focusing on your nutrition and STILL not getting to where you want to be? In this episode, the Head Chicks tackle the [...]