FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #130 – The Fitness & Nutrition Business Lessons we wish we had known

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FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #129 – What the Heck is Holistic Weight Loss?

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FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #128 – Are you financially well? An Interview with Laura Lee Jewell

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FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #127 – How To Value Yourself and Your Product or Services

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FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #126 – Kettlebell Training 101 with Kindal Boyle

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FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #125: Real Talk for all the Mamas out There!

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FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #124: The Biggest Error Fitness Pros Make when Marketing their Programs

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FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #123: Are You an Emotional Eater? Interview with Marie Barker

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