FIT CHICKS Friday “Total Body Track” HIIT Workout

Hey Chicks, This week is an INTENSE cardio workout for you - with some strength moves as a "break". This workout is designed to do outside at the track, but you can also do it [...]

GRAD SPOTLIGHT: Salmorejo (Summer soup Spanish Inspired) with Fitness & Nutrition Expert Grad Jessica Tucker

Hey Chicks, At FIT CHICKS Academy we love seeing the creative recipes our Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program (FNE) come up with in the kitchen . Today we are excited to share this recipe for you from [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #155: Your Fierce Fall Fat Loss Plan

  Fall is officially here and that means bulky sweaters, football parties every weekend and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! It is time for a healthy habit reset but what “diet” do you do?  Keto, [...]

How to Make Sure Your Fitness Program Sells!

Today we want to talk to you a little bit about something that comes up often. It's not necessarily a question. It's more of a problem that fitness professionals are facing in this industry, which [...]

FIT CHICKS Friday “Upper Body Superset” HIIT Workout

Hey Chicks, Today we have an awesome upper body workout for you! If you aren't familiar with supersets, this is when you pair two exercises and do them immediately after one another with no rest. [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #154: The Secret to Success in Fat Loss, Business & more

   Success is not found in the “perfect” diet or in “secret formula” to business.  The secret to success is found in 1 simple thing...what is it? You will have to listen [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #153- Perfecting the Push Up

  Push ups are one of the best exercises for total body strength and conditioning but are also one of the most daunting for many because let’s face it, they are hard! In [...]

Are you stuck in a cycle of learning but never taking action???

We have a question for you -  are you a course collector? We love to learn. We love to grow. There's nothing wrong with it, but when when we see their being kind of an [...]

FIT CHICKS Friday “Cardio Killer” HIIT Workout

Hey Chicks, This week is an INTENSE cardio workout for you - you can do it as a standalone workout, or as a cardio finisher after your weights! All you need is a timer and [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #152- Living over Losing – Interview with Fitness Model and Eating Disorder Survivor Shelbye Schlange

    Do you struggle with the idea that if you had the “perfect body” you would be happy and your life would be complete? Do you feel guilt around the foods you [...]