One of the most common things we hear in this industry for postpartum mama’s is “I want my pre-baby body back” and “how do I get my abs back?”  All fair questions, [...]

How to Burn Fat, Build Muscle, & Torch Calories in Less Time!

 Today Laura Jackson talks all about one of her favourite exercise patterns - Peripheral Heart Action Training - to help you get fit, burn fat, and build muscle in less time! Peripheral Heart Action [...]

FIT CHICKS Friday “All the Single Legs” HIIT Workout

Hey Chicks, Today we have an awesome lower body workout for you focusing on single leg movements! There is no rest - since one leg is resting while you work the other. For the one [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 161 – Hack your Health Habits: Interview with Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp

   In the new age of information, it can be hard for people to keep up with the overwhelming amount of health advice out there. Every week there seems to be a [...]

The EASIEST Way to Make Sure you are Drinking Enough Water

We all know that water is essential, and for women we recommend a minimum of 3 Litres a day for optimal health (even more if you are working out). But it can be super easy [...]

FIT CHICKS Friday “Bodyweight Countdown” HIIT Workout

Hey Chicks, This week's workout is an awesome one to have on hand, especially if you are travelling! You don't need a lot of space, or any equipment -ust two feet and a heartbeat and [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode #160 – From Self Sabotage to Success – How Amber Romaniuk Changed Her Life and the Lives Of Others with her online business

   Learning to see what your gift is from the lowest point of your life seems almost impossible but is exactly what happened to Amber Romaniuk. At her lowest and darkest hour [...]

EPISODE #159- FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast: Words that trigger and sabotage results

Regardless, if it is in the gym, office or your home, if you are looking for results and to get ahead, the words you use can and will sabotage your results. Learn today [...]

Top 3 “Fibre for Fat Loss” Superfoods

 Are you eating enough fibre? If you want to lose fat effortlessly while feeling full, then you need to eat a fibre rich diet! Fibre slows down digestion, moves food though your digestive system [...]

FIT CHICKS Friday “Drop it Like it’s Squat” Lower Body Workout

Hey Chicks, Who says you have to spend hours in the gym to get an effective workout? Today's workout is an intense lower body one that will get your heart pumping! Complete 2-3 rounds depending [...]