GRAD SPOTLIGHT: “Tastes Like Christmas” Green Smoothie with Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Grad Letisha

Hey Chicks, At FIT CHICKS Academy we love seeing the creative smoothie recipes our Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert students come up with in the kitchen . Today we are excited to share this recipe with you [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT EPISODE #186 – Real Talk About IVF Treatment – Interview with Nikki Bergen

    Hey chicks, A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Nikki at a Diva Girl event where we were both presenting. The moment I met her it I knew [...]

FIT CHICKS Friday 10 Minute Upper Body No Equipment Workout

Hey Chicks, No equipment?? No problem! You can still get a killer upper body workout in! Save this one for days when you are travelling, or just want to mix things up.       [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT EPISODE #185 – What to do When Life Throws You a Major Curveball

    Hey chicks, About a week ago everything in my life felt familiar. Life was full of love, play dates with my daughter, dinner prepping and hang outs with my husband. Work [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT EPISODE #184 – From Diet Pills and Punishing Workouts to Finding a New Path – Interview with Tanya Plummer

   Hey chicks, For the past year I have been following Tanya on social media as one of my personal inspo peeps. She has this way about her that makes you feel [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT EPISODE #183 – Building your Online Business: Top 5 Questions Answered

    Hey chicks, This week we reached out to our awesome FIT CHICKS Academy Online Biz Building group on Facebook and asked what are their big, burning online program building and business [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT EPISODE #182 – Nutrition for Fat Loss: The Top 3 Ways to Eat More and Lose More

    Hey chicks, Do you think that when it comes to reaching your fat loss goals, you have to cut down to 1200 calories a day, never have a glass of wine [...]

FIT CHICKS Friday “2+2 HIIT Workout”

Hey Chicks, Today we have a quick 8 minute workout for you. Perform each move for one minute (and then repeat the sequence) Remember to choose your own intensity (but we want it to be [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT EPISODE #181 – From struggling trainer to becoming a visionary in the health industry – an interview with Anna Renderer

  Hey chicks, Anna is not only someone who has inspired me to get my sweat on for the past 5 years on Pop Sugar but she is also someone who I have [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT EPISODE #180 – Top secrets to creating a lifestyle change that sticks from Pop Sugar Fitness Guru Anna Renderer

   I have been following and sweating alongside  Anna on Pop Sugar Fitness for over 5 years now from my living room, with the Tabata Hip Hop class being one of my [...]