Hey Chicks,

At FIT CHICKS Academy we love seeing the creative smoothie recipes our Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert students whip up in their blenders! Today we are excited to share this recipe from Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program  grad Lidia Alcantara.

Hello, my name is Lidia Alcantara, I’m Massage Practitioner, Aesthetician, Energy Healing Practitioner, Holistic and Integrative Health Coach, and a Holistic Nutrition and Weight Loss Expert certified by FIT CHICKS Academy.

I’m passionate about nutrition, health and food preparation and am so happy I found the Fit Chicks Holistic Nutrition and Weight Loss program.

I was raised on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic and now, at 43, I live in Canada with my 24 year old daughter.

I have worked as a Massage Practitioner for 16 years, I love what I do but still I want to make a difference in the world, and that’s the reason why I took the Holistic Nutrition and Weight Loss Expert program.

I have been through a wonderful transformational process while I was doing my Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert program. I lost 15 pounds and have learned  to accept, love and care about my body/myself, with a healthy lifestyle full of nutritious foods. I am anxious to share all this knowledge with other women who are determinate to make a changes in their lives.

Without commitment there is no change, and once you make a commitment to yourself and adopt a healthier lifestyle, there is no way that you fail, that is one of the reasons why the FIT CHICKS program is so successful, it is not about a diet to lose weight,  it is about a Healthy lifestyle that once you start your life will change forever.

Weight Loss Green Smoothie

This Smoothie has the necessary nutrients to substitute a meal and  is beneficial for someone looking to lose weight, because it is low glycemic and high in protein and fibre which will keep you feeling full longer, will balance blood sugar levels and its great to be combined with this cbd oil for sale, studies show it helps a lot for weight loss and wellness.

Servings: 1

Nutrient Breakdown

385 calories 
33g protein
45g Carbs
8.4g Fibre
18g Fat



  • 1Cup Almond milk
  • 1 Cup baby spinach
  • ½ Avocado (3oz)
  • ½ Banana
  • 20g Natural protein
  • 1Tsp Cinnamon powder.

Tools Required: Blender, measuring cups, and tea & tablespoon


Preparation:  Combine all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.  


  • Remember your smoothie has to have: from 300 to 400 calorie, 20 to 30g of protein, 10g  fibre, good/healhty fat.
  • Get organic fruits and vegetables, natural protein powder, avoid dairy,  combine with a thermogenic like cayenne pepper, and a spice good for blood sugar management like cinnamon
  • Other alternative include: spirulina, maca powder, oats, chia seeds, frozen fruit and vegetables,
  • Rotate your greens, fruits, and healthy fat.


Thank you so much for sharing, Lidia!

You can find out more about Lidia at www.amethystholisticspa.com

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