FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 369 – Health Coaching Success Formula: The #1 Difference Between Successful & Unsuccessful Coaches

So you want to grow your fitness and health coaching business but you are struggling to get clients, results and grow your biz.  After certifying and helping 100’s of fitness and health coaches grow their [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 366 – 5 Things To Do Today To build a Successful Fitness Or Coaching Business For Tomorrow

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FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 362 – Healthy and Happy Holidays: A Discussion On Keeping Your Fitness Game Strong Over The Holidays

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FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 361 – How Holistic Nutrition Transformed Her Pregnancy Wellness Business: Interview with HWLE Grad Nicole Plaza

Today, we have a super special interview with Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Grad & founder of the Life Lounge Wellness for pre and post natal women, Nicole Plaza.  After having a huge gap in her [...]