FIT CHICKS CHAT Episode 198 – The 3 Money Misconceptions of becoming a Fitness Instructor (and 3 reasons why you should teach!)

  Hey chicks, When people think of fitness instructors, earning a great income doesn’t necessarily come to mind. And that couldn’t be farther from the truth!  Teaching fitness - full or part time [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast

Each week on FIT CHICKS Chat, Laura & Amanda get you PUMPED to create your FIERCEST life by breaking down the BIG, confusing info about fitness, nutrition & wellness into easy step-by-step action to get you [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT Episode #Episode 197 – Biz Throwback Thursday: How FIT CHICKS all Began…

   Hey chicks, We are going waaaaay back in the story vault in this podcast and sharing the real truth behind how FIT CHICKS all began 10 years ago. The ups, the [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT Episode #196 – Biological Age vs Chronological Age – Interview with Fitness and Nutrition Expert Grad Beate Probst

  Hey chicks, Beate first took our FIT CHICKS Academy Fitness and Nutrition Expert Program in order to educate herself more and be able to make impact in her own community. She wanted [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT Episode #195 – Launching vs Evergreen Program: Breaking down the Pro’s & Con’s

   Hey chicks, So you are creating an online program for your fitness and / or nutrition biz and you are stuck deciding between having one big launch versus running it continually. [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT Episode 194: Your Fittest Future Self Interview with Kathleen Trotter

    Hey chicks, I have had the pleasure of interviewing Kathleen on a few occasions and since the first interview we have always felt connected or as she called it like “fitness [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT Episode 193: Behind the Scenes look at LadyBoss and their Global Online Platform

  Hey chicks, About a year ago I was attending the Click Funnels conference and saw Kaelin speak on stage. Instantly I was drawn to her not only because of her energetic vibe [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT Episode #192: From 65lbs overweight to IFBB Fitness Pro World Record Holder! How LadyBoss Kaelin did it and you can too! Interview with LadyBoss Kaelin Poulin

   Hey chicks, When you hear of fitness competitors you usually think of people who have been competing their whole life, or athletes who are now hitting the stage. You do not [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT Episode 191 – Do you love your business as much as you love your craft?

  Hey chicks, You might be thinking “Isn’t my business the same as my craft?”.  No it is NOT! We all started in fitness, nutrition & wellness because we want to help people, [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT Episode 190: Conventional vs a Holistic Approach to Weight Loss…what’s the difference?

  Hey chicks, Holistic health is a hot topic especially when it comes to fat loss but do you know what is the difference between Conventional Weight Loss & Holistic Weight Loss? Studies [...]