FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 300 – 3 Ways to Stop Struggling With Body Image So You Can Live The Life You Dream Of

Loving yourself has never been harder with so much access on social media to the “perfect body” to media pushing images on to us everyday it is no wonder over 97% of women around the [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 299 – Why Earning Income as a New Fitness Instructor is Easy (and why THIS #1 Action is the Real Problem)

This fitness industry generates over $96 billion with over 183 million people paying for fitness classes. The problem is not there is not enough clients, the problem is that most new fitness instructors are not [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 296 – 3 Steps To Building A Killer Fitness Class In Under 30 Minutes

When building a fitness class most people are focusing on the WRONG things. This makes your workouts hard to plan, build, teach and sell….but it doesn’t have to be this way.  In this episode, we [...]