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Meet our Grads....
I had the best time with this program! I was able to enhance my nutrition knowledge while still working full time. It has given me the tools to understand a wide array of issues that in the body that can be supported with the use of nutrition. By learning the different qualities of foods, and what food sensitives are lying under the surface I am able to see health & weight loss in a different perspective. All of this great knowledge from Laura Jackson and team gave my business a new edge! As a personal trainer, all I was able to offer clients was the physical fitness aspect. By adding this certification, I launched new programing called ‘Balanced Training’ that brings fitness, nutrition, and wellness together!  
Katelynn Cooper, New York, NY –
At the time, this was very much a personal journey to take control of my health and wellbeing. I was impressed with the program, how much I had learned, and my new confidence. I saw changes in the way I looked and felt – and I wanted to keep it going! I wanted to expand my knowledge in nutrition since nutrition is such an important component of living a healthy lifestyle and attaining my fitness goals. Having had such a successful experience with the Fit Chicks brand, enrolling in the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert (HWLE) program was a no-brainer.

During the program, I applied my learnings to my own life and lost 23 lbs over the course of 7 months. People around me took notice and started asking me for advice! What began as a personal journey was now turning into a business. I enjoy learning every day and helping my clients look and feel their best the healthy way. The HWLE program has enhanced my client services and paved the way for immense personal growth. To anyone considering this program, I ask: “What are you waiting for?”

- Demetra Dimokopoulos, Toronto, ON - The Knockout Room
My name is Jenn, and I graduated from the HWLE program in June of 2018. I'm currently a GoodLife associate lookingto expand my career as a fitness expert. I also have a website called Energetic Punch where I blog about life and fitness. I'm also a mom of 2 wonderful little boys so I have quite the busy life.

I always was a "foodie" that liked to put a healthy spin to my food. So looking at recipes and fitness blogs, I wondered if I could do such a thing because I light up whenever I talk about food and how it works in the body. When I stumbled upon the FitChicks, I knew I was on to something special. After being part of an info session, I knew that Laura was a genuine person that also had a passion for health and fitness. And that spoke to me more than anything could.
Going through the course, I loved anything that was related to nutrition and how macronutrients and micronutrients worked in the body. I really enjoyed Jennifer Papaconstantinou's take on the gut was my absolute favorite. I was already pretty knowledgeable but I'm in total awe in how much I know now and happy to pass on the information.

My life has changed for the better in personal growth and career wise. I've decided to pursue a career in personal training and nutrition. Because I enjoyed the HWLE program so much because of the expansion of my knowledge in holistic nutrition, I've decided to expand my learning and become certified as an Fitness and Nutrition Expert.

I'd recommend this course for anyone interested in natural nutrition, wanting to expand their knowledge for a career in personal training, or even just for fun. The teachers are wonderful.
This certification has changed my life in many ways and I cannot wait to spread the wonderful information to friends, family, and clients. Greatest life decision I've ever made. 

JennA -  Nova Scotia, Canada 

I was attracted to take this program because it covered many topics that are not traditionally covered or discussed in basic fitness and nutrition courses and discussions – notably the roles of digestion and hormones in personal health, fitness and weight loss. I am the type of person who reads a lot and who is always learning, and I am pleased to report that I learned ALOT from this course. It has fuelled by desire to continue my education in holistic nutrition. I also feel much more well-equipped to speak to the role of hormones and digestion in wellness and weight loss – conditions that are commonly experienced by so many women.
As I took this course, I was able to learn more about my own body as well, and perform some useful self-experimentation. I have lived with digestive distress for parts of my adult life, and the content of this course has helped me piece it together a bit more, which in turn, I hope can help me to help other women out there with similar experiences. I now also have the tools to help educate other women.

Nikki Johnston Beaudoin, Vancouver BC –
Loved taking this program! The main reason for taking it was for personal reasons. I was trying to figure out what was going on with inside my body,Thru taking this program it helped me get to the next step in taking the right steps to getting back to where I was. Always learning and always expanding my horizons and my goal is to guide others with helping them achieve optimal health. Thanks Laura and team for everything!! 
Christina S. Calgary, AB @coachchristinas
“I graduated from the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert program in March of this year and I am starting up Iron Rose which will be an online and in person weight-loss program for women. I have my first nutritional seminar booked in May for an all woman’s boot-camp class. I have also begin to collaborate with my brother who is a chef about putting together a collection of recipes/meal prepping book!
I was looking to get certified in nutrition because In my own pursuit to becoming healthy, fit and strong, I was trying to learn as much as I could about nutrition and there was so much conflicting information out there. I wanted to be able to navigate through all the BS and then I thought I oh this person can use this information and that person can use this. So I started looking for a program that I could learn from and in turn teach others. Also something that was in line with my philosophy of not just looking a one aspect of nutrition but taking a holistic approach and when I came across FIT CHICKS Academy it had to be divine intervention because it was so inline with what I wanted to learn and needed to know and so much more.
One stand out moment about the HWLE program was when I realized that I wanted to help empower and inspire woman to make positive lifestyle changes not only in nutrition but in all aspect of their lives to become the best versions of themselves…whatever that may be. By educating them on nutrition, mindset and healthy habits.
Since starting the HWLE program I have personally grown and learned so much about nutrition and myself. I have been empowered and inspired and taken charge of my health. I have been able to pass my knowledge to my two daughters to help them learn how to eat for health. Within the next couple of months I am hoping to generate an income.
If you are considering taking the HWLE program do it. I promise you, you will not regret it. I have learned so much from this program. The format of teaching is very easy and manageable. I am truly grateful that I found this program.”
  - Marja A. Oliden, California
The Holistic Natural Weight Loss Expert Program is fantastic. The information packed into the classes is valuable. This program sets you up for success! It is a great addition to the FNE program which I also took and has helped me understand and use my knowledge for my programming that I have created for my clients. There is a lit of support from students, grads and of course Laura Jackson and Jenn. 
Angela Aultman Ontario, Canada – Aultimate Fitness & Nutrition
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